Sunday, November 8, 2009

Frequency Medicine

The following podcast is a short description about what is "Frequency Medicine."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

You're allergic to what?

Let's talk allergies or food sensitivities for a minute. So many findings in the last few years have really revolutionized this area and opened it up.... so that is likely  that you could not find person that is not affected by these findings. First let me shock you a bit. It is likely that everyone has allergies, or the word I prefer is sensitivities. This generally happens when a person or a parent of a person ingests something that essentially overdoses their body with a particular substance generally a group of substances that we call phenols. You can look that up on Wikipedia. We're not talking an overdose where someone always gets sick in some overt way but an overdose occurs in such a way that the body essentially begins to ignore that substance when it comes in the body again. An example of this happened in a study where pregnant rats were fed alcohol during their pregnancy. The offspring where then tested against their mothers for predominance of dopamine receptors in the brain. To their surprise the offspring had much less dopamine receptors than their mothers. Because alcohol releases huge amounts of dopamine it was surmised that the overabundance of dopamine cause the developing fetuses to reduce their number of dopamine receptors so that physical and emotional homeostasis could then be achieved. The problem then of course is when the same diet is not afforded to the newly born rats...they then have a dopamine deficiency because their receptors have been essentially downregulated.

Now....imagine this same scenario potentially happening, only with any and every substance that is in our diet. Think about it for a few minutes. Could it be possible that I overdose my body on Big Macs, or Thick Burgers, or understand it could be anything....I had a patient that at one time I treated for an overdose of what we sometimes call a super-food in the healthfood area....blueberries. Of course it wasn't the blueberries per say, it was one of the phenols (sometimes called phenolics) that was in the blueberries. The patient had developed a level of paranoia and obsessive compulsive tendencies. To our surprise and joy his behavior turned around in just two days. But just think, that health symptom that they can't figure out what is causing could be a food sensitivity. And understand there is treatment for these is fairly short term, inexpensive, and it generally yields permanent results. No more trying to reduce or manage the symptoms with can now desensitize your body to the substance and then, once clear, you can actually consume the substance and do fine. What a break through!!!! What's the catch....just that most docs don't know about these treatments or don't use them because once your cured you don't need them anymore. Why would a physician want to fix you totally if he can get you to come back again and again and again?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What it's all about!

Hello, and welcome to my new blog. I will be discussing health issues that I feel are helpful to the internet community as well as other possible rants and raves from time to time. Come back and see me when you need some intellectual stimulation and want to hear at least my take on the truth and the consequences of modern day health care and mental health. If you’re into holistic…generally non-pharmaceutical health will want to hear some of the cutting edge things that I have for you. We will discuss allergy treatment and in some cases cures. We will look at cutting edge life-long cures for addictions, especially alcoholism. We will look at and navigate through the wonderful world of hormones. We will talk about emotions….i.e. mood disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and panic attacks. We will discuss food, food supplementation, when to, when not to, and knowing what to take and what not to take. We will talk about the messy subject of detoxing the body of all those lovely things that we are pouring into it on a daily basis as well as the environmental toxins that our body is facing these days. So that should be enough for a while. And remember to sign in and let me know you’re out there and reading my rants. If you are eager for more about me you can also go to my website at I’m still working on that site as well…..but we’re getting there.